It is given in the reviews:

·         the objective evaluation of the article content and structure;

·         the analysis of dignities and lacks of the article (short information, case from practice, literature review, sections);

·         the evaluation of the scientific level of the material summary.

In the final part of the review the conclusions of the advisability materials printing in the journal ‘’Vladikavkaz medico-biologic bulletin’’ are based. While the negative opinion of the reviewer, the conclusions of the last must be based and clearly formulated in the final past of the review.

The review must be signed by its author with pointing out of work place of reviewer, his occupation, academic title and degree. The signature is witnessed by the stamp, the date is put.

The Demands, made by the Reviewer to the Articles.

Common demands: the observance of the rules of the articles designing, accepted in the journal ‘’Bulletin of New Medical Technologies’’.

The Demands to the Content:

·         Self Sufficiency. The article must contain the main information of theme.

·         Obviousness. The text may be accompanied by scheme, figures and photos, facilitating the material perception, but not repeating them.

The Demands to the Information Quality

·         The Accordance to the last achievements of the science and clinical practice.

·         Exactness, authenticity and validity of the carried on information.

·         The use of the principles of the evidentiary medicine, standardization of the diagnostic and treatment procedure.

·         The use of the last classifications and  nomenclatures: MKБ – 10, International CИ unit system etc.

 The Accordance of medicinal agent names to the state register of the medicinal agents; non patent name must be mentioned birst the informational then trade names used in Russia more often.

The Form of Conclusion Assignment by the Reviewer.

The Initial Data: The name of the Article (the literature review, lectures, summary, cases from practice).

The surname, name, patronymic of author (s), the academic degree and title, place of work and occupation.


The Demands, determining the publication quality

The mark of Demand’s fulfillment in market (from 1 to 10)


Common Demands:

1.The Accordance to the specialty


The Demands to the Content:

2.self – sufficiency



The Demands to the Information Quality

4. The Accordance to the last achievements of science and clinical practice.

5. Exactness, authenticity and validity of the cited information.

6. The use of the evidentiary medicine principles, standardization of the diagnostic and treatment procedures.

7. The use of the last classifications and nomenclatures.

8. The accordance of the medicinal agent names to the state register of the medicinal agent.

9. The methodical level of the teaching material presentation, its adaptability to the educational technology (it is related to the lectures and methodical elaborations).


The Demands to the Summary Style

10. Rubrication.

11. Systemicity, consistency and simplicity of the summary without details.

12. Legibility and Accessibility of definitions.

13. Monosemanticity of terms use.

14. The observation of contemporary Russian Language norms.

15. The picking out of key positions of the text by half – fat printing type or italic type.


The Demands to the Design


In total


Note: maximal numbers of marks – 50 (if there is no comments)                               (scheme)



The commentary to the authors consideration of the paginal comments. The problem (journal section);

Section I. The temporary organization of a man physiologic system in health and disease.

Section II. The research and elaboration of new medical technologies.

Section III. Miscellaneous Files.

Section IV. Reviews.

Section V. Debatable section. The letters to the editorial office. Reviews.


    The Article Class: The original research. New technologies, diagnostic methods, treatment, prophylaxis. Fundamental  research.  Clinical and experimental research.  Scientific review. Discussion. Medical Case. Experience Exchange. The Observations from practice. Practical recommendations. Review. Lectures. Anniversary. Informational communications, the solutions of the Congresses, Conferences, Plenums (necessary to underline). Advisability (unsuitability) of the article publication.

  The demands to the summary style.

·         Rubrication. The structure of the text is given beforehand – from the articles name, through the rubrics and subrubics, to the separate proposal. Inch text is convenient to use and to find the unknown value.

·         Systematics consistency and simplicity of the summary without excessive details.

·         Preciseness of definitions, their accessibility for the understanding by the readers of the  corresponding  courses.

·          Monosemanticity of the use of terms, consistent designation with one term of the similar subjects and phenomena.

·         The maintenance of the norms of contemporary Russian language. To exclude: multitude introductory words, explanations not as a matter of the facto of article, excessive number of contractions.

·         The picking out key positions of text  by the half – fat printing type or italic type.

·                ‘’VMBB’’      Editorial Office.