The Rules of the Article’ Design for the Publication in the Journal

 “Vladikavkaz Medico-biological Bulletin”


The Journal “VMBB” receives to the publication the original articles in Russian and English languages, scientific reviews, accounts (chronicle) on conferences, announcements and so on, materials, concerning the contemporary theoretical and applied research on journal theme. Besides, the authors can represent the adequate translation from one language into another of the whole text of the published article. This translated article text arranged straight after the original text. The authors are fully responsible for the spelling and style of represented materials for the publication. The journal edition is not responsible before the authors and/or the third persons and organizations for possible damage caused by the article publications. The edition has the right to withdraw already published article, if it is found out, that in the process of article publications there was broken the smb’s rights or generally accepted standard of scientific ethics. The edition informs the author, who presented the article and the organization, where the work was carried out of the fact of withdrawal the article. The journal receives to the publication short reviews or debatable comments on the earlier published articles. These reviews or comments are placed in the journal rightly after the main article or its English translation, if there is, and in the debatable section of the journal also. For the publication of reviews or comments the recommendations do not require, but the printout volume of every such publication must not exceed 2 pages of A4 format. Reviews and comments can be written in Russian or English language. The publication and/or spreading of the journal materials by the third persons or organizations on the paper and hard electronic transmitters are forbidden.

The authors are fully responsible for the spelling and style of represented materials; considering coming into the power of the Fourth part of RF Civil Code from the 1-st of January 2008, regulating the direction of rights on the results of intellectual ownership, the materials’ authors give the journal non-exclusive rights on their publication as licentiate. The authors, desiring to publish the article in the journal, must design them accordance with these rules of material official registration. The articles, designed without observing of the pointed out rules, do not take into the examination.

1.      All sent works must definitely pass the stage of scientific reviewing, the editorial office reverse for itself the right of reduction of the published materials and their adaptation to the columns of the journal.

2.      To present the duplicate of manuscript and its appropriate electronic transmitter (disk CD) to the editorial office. The manuscript is accompanied by the directive letter of the establishment, witnessed by the responsible person, on the name of editor-in-chief of the journal. Files in the format Word (doc.)2003/2007, style Times New Roman, skittles 12, in 1 interval on A4 sheet, fields 2.0 cm from all sides. The first line of paragraph is 1 cm indentation. It is forbidden to use automatic hyphens. At the foot to the right the page numbering is filled in.

3.      The size of the article must out exceed 8 pages, review – not more 15 pages, including tables and figures. The exception is the registered summarizing articles, the volume of which is agreed by the editorial boarв with the author. The edition reserves for itself the right to correct and/or to contract the sent materials.

4.      The design of the title page: the surname and the initials of the author (authors) – not more than 6, the name of the publication, full official name of the establishment and its full postcode, author’s membership of the establishment is marked with superlinear index. Author’s own signs, full pointed out name, patronymic, must definitely be at the end of the article;  it is obligatory – the indication of the occupation scientific titles, exact address (home, and official, electronic), telephones, fax or all article auth

5. The article text is presented in 2 copies. Electronic variant of the article must have one file, including full information. The article is stamped by the leader of the establishment, and it is applied with the covering   letter on the establishment form, where the article, review and expert conclusion are published. The last page of the article text is signed by all anthors with the indication of name, surname and patronymic, postcode, electronic mail, telephone and fax (official or home).

6.  The original article must contain the sections: introduction (short substantiation of the aim); materials and methods of research; results and discussion; literature. The organization of the carrying on of this research design must be described clearly and precisely in the section ‘’materials and methods’’. In particular, it is indicated the variant of research, one point (horizontal), longitudinal (prospective or retrospective research case - control). The criteria of the inclusion into the research and exclusion brew it (but not simply the diagnosis indication) must be described. The mention of the presence or absence of randomization (with the method indication) is compulsory, while the patients division up by groups and of the presence or absence of disguise (‘’blindness’’) also while the use of placebo and medicinal preparation in the clinical tests. The used equipment and diagnostic techniques  should be described in this section with the indication of its main technical characteristic and the producer, the names of the commercial sets for hormonal and biochemical research with the indication of their producer  and  normal meaning for the separate indices. The reference on literature should be given while the use of generally accepted method of research. The international names of the used medicine and the chemical substance, the doses and the ways of use (the ways of injection) should be indicated. If the description of the experiments on a man is contained in the article, it is necessary to point out, if their procedure corresponded to the standards of ethic committee, being responsible for this side of the work , or of Helsinki declaration of 1975 and its revision of 1983. In the experimental works if should be indicated the species and the number of animals strictly in accordance with the ‘’Rules of Carrying on the works with the use of  experimental animals’’ approved by the order of USSR Minzdrav.

7.  Review is necessary (with the volume not less than 500 symbols without gaps) with the key words (not more than 7) in Russian and English languages.UDK, authors surnames, then the name of the article are given at the beginning of the review.

8. Special attention should be paid on the contractions. Generally accepted abbreviations (ECG, ЭЭГ, ЭМГ,USR, ТЛТ, ЛГ, ФСГ, ИФР-1 etc)the decoding is not required. The ways of injection of the preparations (i.v., i.m., i/s) are given in abbreviated form. All other names and notions must be recoded while the first mention.

9. In main it should be used the standard means of macropacket. Extremely undesirably to use the gap signs without need! The tables and figures (format JPEG), diagrams are arranged in the courte of the article and must have references in the text. Figures in the format JPEG are applied in the separate file. The number of graphic materials must be minimum. The data of tables must not be duplicated with diagrams and be repeated in the text of the article. The instruction of methods and programs of statistic polishing up are compulsory. Every figure must have common title and decoding of all contractions. The degree of enlargement, the method of colouring (or impregnation) of the preparation should be pointed out in the signs to the photos.

10. The list of the literature must correspond GOST P7.05 – 2008, it is necessary the formation of the bibliography in alphabetical order. The bibliographic references to literature origin should be given in the text in the square brackets.  We recommend yon to include into the list the authors works for the last 7 years  in addition yon may quote to 20 sources in the original articles, in the review of the literature – to 70.

11. The direction of works to the editorial office published in the other publications or sent for printing to the other editorial offices, is not allowed.    

12. Editorial office reserves for itself the right to reject the article without the indication of the reasons. The rejected manuscripts do not return to the authors. The order of publication of the articles is established in accordance with the editorial plan of the journal edition.

13. The journal editorial office reserves for itself the right to contract and to edit the article materials regardless of their volume, including the changes of the names of the articles, terms and definitions. Small corrections of stylistic, nomenclatural or formal character are entered in the article without the agreement with the authors. If the article was remade by the anther during the process of preparation to the publication, the date of entering is considered the day of entering of the final text.

14. The postgraduates (free of charge, under the condition of personal authorship of postgraduates, without co - authorship), subscribers (in the issue not more than 1 article) are published in the first instance.

15. It is necessary to make the registration of all authors of the article on the site of electronic library

The materials must be sent to the address:

Editorial office of the journal ‘’Vladikavkaz   medico – biologic bulletin’’ IBMR VSC RAS and RNO – A, 362019, RNO – Alania, Vladikavkaz City, 40 Pushkinskaya Str. tel./fax: (8672)537335 or by e – mail:;